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As you take care of your facial hair and body pollution, you should also take care of your hair. Due to the current weather conditions, the atmosphere is full of pollution because of which our lifestyle has been greatly affected.

Our hair is exposed directly to pollution. Due to dryness in our hair to headed hairs, frequent hair loss takes time to grow new hairs getting dandruff.

Let me just say that I’m here to show you some of the best hair remedies. We both know there are hundreds of shampoos on the market and each of them promises to leave your hair shinier, softer, and more beautiful than the rest.

Realistically though, these shampoos rarely live up to their lofty promises, and, in fact, the number of reasons that we’ll go into on this website, by far, some of the options is to make shampoo.

Whoa! Hold on a minute. We are not saying that you throw away all your favorite and expensive shampoo we are just simply saying that you should check the essence of your favorite sample before buying it. You can make your homemade shampoo just you have to give a little of your extra time and effort to this incredible recipe for your hair and trust you’ll love the results.

All you have to do is follow our simple recipe for your hair:-

Some of the wonderful ingredients that we can use in our natural homemade shampoos include:-

1. Apricot:- A natural nourishing agent that’s not only good for soothing the skin, but it’s also actually great for the hair too.

2. Avocado:-

Avocado contains lots of great natural fats and proteins. That can play a big part in helping to keep our hair looking healthy and lustrous.

3. Chamomile:- Chamomile is not only soothing, but it also smells great and revitalizes the hair!

4. Honey:- Honey acts as a natural hair softener and gives the hair a beautiful shine.

5. Coconut Milk:-

Coconut milk has been used by people for centuries to help keep their hair looking and feeling soft and smooth. You’ll notice that a couple of shampoo recipes in this book contain coconut milk; it is a fantastic ingredient to use in your homemade shampoos.



Coconut Oil Shampoo


2 teaspoons virgin coconut oil

1 Tablespoon Castile soap

1/2 cup distilled water


Mix the ingredients in a bottle. Amounts can be adjusted to make more shampoo.

The recipe above is a baseline. Shampoo with the mixture as you normally would.

Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil Treatment


1/4 cup jojoba oil

1/4 cup vitamin E oil

15 drops of peppermint oil

15 drops of rosemary oil


1) Combine all ingredients in a bottle and shake vigorously.

2) Massage into the scalp and through the hair. Tuck your hair into a shower cap and let the mixture work overnight.

3) Rinse and shampoo with cool water.

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