Healthy Egg Salad

Today, our blog is all about healthy egg salad I told you that salad does not just a dish you can eat with meals or instead of meals. Salads have many health benefits and you can make many kinds of salad recipes like egg salad, veggie salad, chicken salad, fruit salad, etc. Eating eggs with other veggies will increase the value of nutrients and other benefits Consuming eggs with other vegetables will increase the value of nutrients and other advantages.

Benefits of eating eggs:

  1. Reduces the risk of arteriosclerotic disease.
  2. Aids healthy pregnancy.
  3. Promotes satiety.
  4. Act as a sugar substitute.
  5. Supports electrolyte levels.
  6. Improves skin quality.
  7. Choline found in eggs helps brain cell membranes maintain their structure.
  8. Prevent muscular degeneration & antioxidant founds in eggs.

Healthy Egg Salad recipes:-

Egg & Avocado Salad:


1/2 avocado, ripe.
1 Lettuce.
Fresh parsley, dill.
1/2 tbsp scallion.
4 egg ( hard-boiled ).


1/2 tbsp dill pickle.
1/2 tbsp peppers + 1/8 tbsp sea salt.

Mix well and garnish with pickles and enjoy.

Classic Egg Salad:

Dressing :

4 boiled eggs.
1 onion ( finely chopped).
1 cucumber ( diced chopped ).
Fresh basil.
Fresh green onion.

For sauce:

1tbsp maynonoes.
1/2 garlic paste.
Crushed pepper.
Sea salt.
Smoked paprika.

To make:

Chopped the egg into little blocks, mix all the ingredients, add the sauce to a bowl & enjoy.

Mediterranean Chickpea Egg Salad:

• Texture bright flavors • Low- crabs • Gluten-free.

Dressing :

4 hard boiled egg + Checkpea + cucumber + celery + green onions + red pepper + parsleys + jalapenos + mint leaves .

For sauce :

1-2 garlic cloves ( chopped ).
1tbsp chili flakes.
1 tbsp coriander powder.
1tbsp cayenne pepper.
3-4 tbsp lemon juice.
2tbsp Dijon mustard.
2 tbsp lemon jest.
Salt to taste + pepper + olive oil.

Mix well all ingredients then add the sauce to a bowl and enjoy.

Skinny Egg Salad :

• easy • delicious • low calories.

Dressing :

6 hard-boiled eggs.
Greek yogurt or Mayo.
Fresh dill or parsleys.
Green onion ( chopped finely ).

Garnish :

Onion powder + garlic powder + sea salt + pepper + smoked paprika.

Mix well all ingredients in a bowl then add & enjoy.

Creamy Egg Salad

Dressing :

4 hard-boiled eggs.
Dijon mustard.
Red onion ( chopped in blocks ).
Dill or fresh parsley.
Sea salt.

Mix all the ingredients and enjoy eating.

Get to know more about egg benefits

Egg white: Vitamin B3 + Vitamin B2 contains about 60% of the total protein and +90% of the total Vitamin B3.

Egg yolk: a large amount of the lutein and zeaxanthin + 90% of the total omega 3s + Vitamin A, D, E, K, B5, B12 + folate choline + manganese.


You can add those egg salad recipes to your diet and eat on another day with numerous health benefits.

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