Body Itching In Rainy Season

RAINY SEASON is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. The rainy season not only brings relief from heated weather but also greenery to the surroundings and the environment. But also bring skin diseases, skin eruptions, and skin itching problems during the rainy season. Here are some remedies for skin & body itching problems in the rainy season with its treatment.
In the rainy season high humidity in the air, it’s irritating. I think you fell, too.

There are many common problems associated with the skin during the rainy season such as an allergic reaction, rash, and itching of the private area these only give an invitation to fungal infections in our body.

Here are some remedies for skin & body itching problems in the rainy season with its treatment:-


This is one of the most common foot infections in the rainy season. Our foot easily gets wet during the rainy season & by walking out our foot gets into dirty water.
Wet shoes and shocks are the reason for an athlete’s foot infection. As a result of the weather, our skin swells and leaves itchy toes.


1-Change your wet shoes & shocks.
2- Wear sandals instead of shoes or wear good quality shoes.
3-Always wash your feet coming from outside.
4-At least wash 2 times a day, especially between your feet and fingers, and dry them thoroughly.
4-Keep dry your feet as long as possible.


In the rainy season, we all like to get under the rain and get wet, but it also irritates the skin and it invites skin infections like- rashes, skin infections, acral peeling skin peeling, and leaving mucus behind which you do not like to have it on your body.


1- Quickly change your wet clothes.
2- Wear neat & clean clothes.
3-Use anti-fungal powder in your closed body parts.
4- Use neem oil on irritated skin.
5-Even if possible use neem leaves in your bathing water.
6- Use anti-fungal soap.
7- Do not share your clothes and personal belongings with anyone.
8- Do not store your clothes in the closet for too long, it will cause odorous hanging under the sun.


Fungal infections are common in the rainy season. It can happen anywhere on the body. To prevent it from happening here are some.


1-Wear dry clothing as much as you can.
2- Do not wear tight clothing, wear loose-fitting cotton clothing as it will allow for correct ventilation.
3-Fungal infection develops when there are humidity fungal infections in humidity closed parts of our body.
4- Get treated by dermatologists he will provide you right cream.


Always take care of the skin, especially during this wet season, and also take care of your personal belongings. Sharing them makes you crave more growth in skin infections. Follow our website and these remedies so you won’t be in trouble Due to this rainy season and remember to take care of yourself.


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